Original Hand-painted leaves by Ken Sanford

Original Hand-painted leaves by Ken Sanford


                 Ken's Hand-painted Leaves

                          "Me First!"
              Available limited edition 250 max
              "Guarding the Homefront" 
                Avail limited edition 250 max
                              "Rufus Hummingbird"
                  Available Limited edition prints/100 max.   

                            "New Life"
                     One of Ken's bestsellers: 100/max
"At Home"
One of Ken's bestsellers: 100 max

                 "Honeymoon Suite"
         One of the rare canvas paintings Ken has done.
                                500 max edition

                      "Looks tempting"
                         100 max edition

Black Birch Buck
Bestseller: 100 max
"Moonlit Buck"
100 max
"In the Lilies"
100 max
"On the Water"
100 max
"Dinner in Sight"
200 max
"Majestic Fall"
100 max
"Cornfield King"
100 max
"Downy Woodpecker"
100 max
"Walk in the Woods"
200 max
"Waiting on Spring"
200 max
"Lone Wolf"
200 max
"Afternoon swim"
Pintail Duck/200 max
"Into the Sunset"
Wood duck/100 max
"Deep in Thought"
Gray Fox/200 max
Elk/250 max

"In the Reeds"
Wood Duck/200 max
"Black capped Chickadee"
250 max
"The Prayer"
Chipmunk/200 max
"The View"
Wood duck/100 max

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